Create own search by typing in the addressbar (like Googe hits)?

  • Hi,

    I have a "own blog system" with a full text search. I can open this blog with a search parameter: (and added it to the search engines with a shortcut).

    But it would be nice to get directly the search results like it is possible just by typing some words in the address bar and getting the Google search results.

    Is there a trick/feature (or addon) to get this behaviour with a own "search page"?


  • In Google Chrome, if you type some first phrase/word from a site's URL, then a space, then a search term, it offers you a search line for that term on that site. It means if the site does have a search.
    I wonder if ChrOpera might do the same...

  • Currently you can't set a custom search (engine) as the default one due to security reasons.

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