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  • What the hell is happening with Opera, ffs.
    It suddenly stopped playing videos. It started with Twitter, then some problems with Facebook videos, now Vimeo... whats next, Youtube ?

    Everything since version 12 is going south. The devs are either incompetent loosers or tooo lazy and inadequate to do this anymore. WTF......

    Stop fooling around and start doing stuff again, as it was back in the days when Opera was innovating and leading with creativity and being FRESH out of the box.

    That browser is giving me so much trouble and annoys the shit out of me that i am starting to really think i should go and switch to something else.

    I DONT WANT TO DO THIS! I use Opera since sometime in the 90s. That's the 20th century ffs. If the devs don't give a shit about such of their users, then this might be explaining the fall of this web browser. What is the percent of market share ?

    Who cares... START WORKING FFS! Do your work properly!

    I get it, you don't ask for money for your product, no commercials etc. so we don't get to whine about it... This is no excuse for you guys to fuck it up and make a mess out of so many years of work.

    You will be the end of you.....

    ffs, so pissed off!

    At least give some support for the old Opera versions, a little update for 12 please, even 11 will be nice.

  • Ops, and let me add Instagram videos to this shit..........

  • They work fine here. Have you looked into a PEBKAC error?

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