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  • Hello dear Opera Users.

    I've got one question. While there are some options, tell me how to achieve my goal. I want the alt+tab to go through every tab in order, then I want to use alt+~ to switch between this and previously used tab. But NO! I use them instantly and I find alt+tab working like alt+~ etc. I've lost contact with opera 12 where shortcuts were diff, but this time I can't handle this methods. I need forward shortcut and this-last option. The rest is for lazy, slow people:P

    with Regards

  • PS: damn, haven't found advanced shortcuts since few updates... probably you will steer me there, aren't you ?:P

  • The default tab cycling keys are 1 and 2. 1 cycles to the left and 2 cycles to the right. You can remap keys in Settings > Keyboard shortcuts.

  • Strange. When at work, pure alt-tab seems to go through tabs in order, one by one like it was in 12. when ctrl+~ it works for last tab and current. Updates are made, so why the behavior changes? In my case - the main alt+tab is supposed to work like in first add., ctrl+~ works fine...

  • Besides, through updates i've found alt+tab working like non-sense, once it worked fine, then it tuned up to something else.

  • More, is there really no 'edit' option in this forum?

  • More, is there really no 'edit' option in this forum?

    Yes, there is. Click on the tools icon below your avatar and you see it.

    Just note that there is a 30 minutes time limited to edit a post.

  • Ok, there it is. Google style, so invisibility upon functionality. Let's get back to Opera then. Tell me guys, what is the current behavior for ctrl+tab then? (I do remind, at work after upgrades it goes on, tab by tab, here on win10 it goes back to previous, which works same as ctrl+~, so what the ...

    From my opera exp., ctrl+tab was different than anywhere else, should go forward. They give an option with ~which allows to use prev. one, then there are shorts from chrome, ctrl+1,2... wtf I ask? Don't get me wrong, I feel different behaviors on diff systems. Still, Opera has a great advantage over all browsers at all. But firefox, this one is a poor peace of shit that cannot even use its interpreter to correctly read css/tokens/whatever and turn it into proper visual syntax.

    So good it keeps with 'kind of standards' in this WEB-CHAOS, same time it gives opera developers a hard time, only because there is no standard:)

  • Ctrl+Tab in the current version of Opera cycles tabs with a tab preview. Ctrl+Shift+Tab cycles with a preview in reverse. 1 and 2 cycle tabs without a preview. Any of these may be changed inside the keyboard shortcuts area like I mentioned above.