GMail problem in Opera 32

  • I seem to be having a gmail problem. I have the Gmail Notifier extension,, but if I try through it to open the full Gmail home page for my gmail address, I get the page, and it looks fine, but it's frozen, and the tab shows a constant loading, but it's never finishes.

    I tried some other gmail extensions like the Notifier, and they all had the same problem. Then I simply put the gmail website -- in my speed dial (I'm using the FVD Speed Dial - New Tab Page) as an extension for the Speed dial, and the same problem. The gmail home page with my mail opens, but it's frozen.

    Now if open gmail from another browser -- I tried it with Firefox -- no problem.

    I'm wondering if Opera 32 is creating a problem.

  • Gmail is working fine here. Are you sure its not an extension causing the issue?

  • Yes, @lando242. Thanks for mentioning that. I tested by dis-enabling another Gmail extension I had, Gmelius, and it probably didn't work in tandem with the Gmail Notifier, but just froze it. I didn't think of that initially, thought rather it might be Opera. Anyway, all's well know, I think.

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