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Opera 32, the best and fastest version so far!

  • I have been using Opera browsers for about 10 years, and I think Opera 32 is the best and fastest version I've had. Keep up the good work Opera.

    But why do some people have problems with Opera browser. I think most problems is caused by:
    -Hardware issues.
    -Software issues NOT related to Opera.
    -Too many tabs open (more than 10 tabs open is pointless).
    -Virus/malware on computers.

    Conclusion: Almost none of the problems people experiences wiht Opera browser is caused by the browser itself.

  • I agree with you however a lot of the problem with new opera is many things are not intuitive. Over time I learned how to deal with it and tackle each issue individually. Opera 32 is by far the best opera I've ever used

  • They did improve it quite nicely, specialy compared to Opera 31 which was crashing a lot.
    Now I can use whatsapp web again.

    I'm only trying to understand what happened to the bookmarks manager.

  • "Conclusion: Almost none of the problems people experiences wiht Opera browser is caused by the browser itself."


  • well I spend a good amount of time trying all available browsers

    and Opera under Linux,Windows 7,Windows 10 is the best

    didn't take me 10 years to figure it out

    but I totally agree with you that Opera is N1

  • Guys, how can i move tab panel to the bottom?
    Also i need to know how i can get access to the all settings in this browser version. I used 12 version before this 🙂

  • Currently you cant move the tab bar in Opera 32. You might look into an extension that can do it (remember you can also make Chrome extensions run in Opera) but I don't think its likely. As for all the settings, you can find them in the settings page and Opera internal pages (opera://plugins, opera://flags, etc.).

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