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  • Whenever I click on a button with the folowing JS


    Browser crashes

    Opera v34 Dev

  • Clicking? You wish! http://a/%00

  • Hijacking a thread just to push that link, you really must be an attention whore.

    MOD my comment.

  • I didn't see anyone else reported that bug link. It fits exactly for the topic so pop more smiles less angry!
    Anyway as you can see there is no any attention from devs here.

  • t fits exactly for the topic

    Nope because the topic is about a specific situation, with a specific js code.

  • See topic's name, inside the topic is all about. I don't see reason to create new one in the case.
    If you don't agree just move the case somewhere or delete.

  • Like leocg has said, it's a specific topic, and ur stupid link is already known throughout Opera/Chrome community, so cut the crap, and stop joking around.

  • See topic's name

    What set a topic subject is not (only) its title but mainly what the OP says.

  • Ok, ffs you can stop crying around.
    Opera team don't get users opinions serious so it doesn't really matter mr serious.
    As I see you are moderator so do your job and cut the drama.

  • Oh and don't forget the Topic Tittle says "clicking", and that link doesn't have to be clicked on, all you have to do is hover your cursor over it, so I guess that's another point against you.

    No seriously, do you even know anything about topic organization? Specially when it comes to bugs? A piece of advice, start working with alpha/beta software, start navigating through bug reporting forums (github is a good place for that) and you'll see that every single bug, no matter how similar they are there is one topic per bug, and that topic can/will be used to discuss bug replication, solutions, etc... can you see the how confusing it would be if a single topic would be used to report multiple bugs?

    OK, in case of the OPera Forums, there's isn't feedback from the Devs, therefore what I wrote doesn't apply in here (sort of) but still, good manners are nice.

    And my final thought, you posted that as a joke, at this point it's no use to deny that, that is known, articles were made, damn even videos about how that link works were made (check youtube), you can say whatever you want, but for me it was a joke, and not even a funny one.