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Password auto fill do not work propely

  • Hi all,

    A saved fo some page multiple logins to opera but when i visit page where opera may fill username and password it fill some of saved but it want me choose which one i want to use.
    I cant select which password i want to use to login. Opera fills some one. But For example i setup more than two and delete some one, than came to page, i can can choose which one i want ot use. On second visit same page i cant.

    My opera version is 31

    Sorry for my confusing English 🙂

  • i wish to see answer , me too 😉

  • Since last update (my current Opera version is 31.0.1889.174), it messes stored passwords. As mentioned before, when I enter the page with more stored passwords/user names, even if I set correct password, it stores the password to some other user name. It is really disturbing and makes stored password (more for one page) unusable. :awww:

  • I also tried latest devel version 33 but result is same.

  • Have you tried editing your passwords under Opera Settings > Manage saved passwords?

  • Sure. I can see all saved passwords for desired page but opera auto fill one without choice.
    One time workaround. For example when i have three saved credentials, then delete one. Then reload desired page. Now you can choose wchit want to use (shows two). When you log on, logout again, you can't choose anymore until delete one password for this page.

  • You didn't try ... click in the username field, then press the arrow down key. Opera auto-fills the first one, but presents the others as a dropdown. Or you could start typing to choose the one that starts with the letters you typed.

  • I am on last stable (32.0.1948.25) and I confirm auto-fill user/password not always works.
    In example, on Webmin login page it does not work at all (no save possible and no auto-fill previous entered).