Suggested addition to forum rules

  • I would like to suggest that the following be added to the forum rules:

    Be polite and stay on topic within a thread.

    It seems that recently there has been a fair amount of Opera bashing and it makes using the forums for help and discussions less pleasant than it could be.

  • Be polite and stay on topic within a thread.

    Rules 5 and 6.

  • Shows how well I read things . Still, it does not seem to be enforced. It can be frustrating to users who may want help with something or want to congratulate Opera on something or just socialize and there seems to often be someone right there who will bad mouth that person just because they like Opera. It can make for a frustrating forum experience.

  • James, 1) I know who you're having in mind;) 2) to socialise, let's have the Lounge still - like that*:idea:*;)

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