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I only want to sync bookmarks and settings, nothing else.

  • Greetings,

    I was attempting to set the sync settings so that ONLY bookmarks and settings are synced and for some bizarre reason I cannot. I don't need or want my history or "open tabs" or passwords and other data saved. I merely want those two essential things saved. Everything else is unnecessary. I don't believe in having non-essential data shared between servers, in case of a breach of privacy and for simple avoiding cluttering the bandwidth with unnecessary information.

    It may be fine to have the settings default so that all the possible sync data is saved, but there should be an option- as there is in Chrome- to specify what is to be synced for those who choose to do so.

    Given Opera doesn't give me the choice, I cannot use it, and won't until this is fixed/changed. Either a browser has features I want or it's a waste of my time. Chrome and Firefox allow me to do what I want on all the important issues, Opera fails on this issue.

    Thank you.

  • I have found a partial solution.

    I am always curious and I don't hesitate to mess with the guts of an app, since if I can't use it the way it is, there's nothing to risk if I do something that causes it to malfunction.

    So I discovered that if one types opera://flags/ you get a set of controls for some features.

    In the search field on the left, I typed in "Sync" to show the content related to the Sync process.

    There are a number of options, but the ones I wanted were:

    Synchronize Typed History

    Synchronize Passwords

    Synchronize Opened Tabs

    I set all three to Disabled.

    I also disabled "Tab Menu With Recent Tabs" since I don't want anything synced regarding tabs, but I doubt its important.

    I don't see any settings for Autofill data or Cookies, which I also need to disable before I can consider Opera a viable browser app, but I'm still experimenting.

    It would be nice if the people who built Opera simply made these options available to the user like they do in Chrome and in Firefox.

  • Opera does not sync cookies.

    All the settings are is Settings > Browser, under Synchronization click the Advanced Configuration button.

  • Opera does not sync cookies.

    All the settings are is Settings > Browser, under Synchronization click the Advanced Configuration button.

    Actually no. There is no "Advanced Configuration" button under Synchronization in Opera 31.0

    Under synchronization it says:

    "You're currently signed in as"

    And below that it has a button saying "Sign Out" and a link that says "learn more"

    From Opera's own FAQ:

    "Opera synchronizes bookmarks, open tabs, Speed Dial shortcuts and more from all of your devices."

    The FAQ specifically lists History, Settings, Speed Dial, Tabs and Bookmarks as being synced automatically. I have no way to control what is being synced.

    As for Cookies, since Opera is apparently a Chrome clone and Chrome syncs cookies, I see no reason why that would be changed, especially when they don't explicitly say "Cookies are not synced."

    I'm impressed that Opera has taken the time to make their Chrome clone more visually appealing and generally easier to use, since Google can't design UI's worth crap... but there's still too many similarities to make assumptions about functions.

  • Sorry, I was looking at the Opera Beta version which has that dialog; when 32 goes stable it'll be there along with the option to sync passwords.