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  • No I haven't updated Windows for a long time. I did think of that. Also Dave, I am afraid I have now deleted the button that stopped working

  • If "it has just stopped working ..." did you recently update Windows? Just wondering if Microsoft's new browser means they moved the file for IE ...
    (Dave, your smilie doesn't work )

    Something seems to have gone wrong with the smilies.
    I used the same one I always use from the choices, and I notice the one in your post looks the same!

  • I'm sure I can come up with a button for you, presuming ttt doesn't have one available on his site. (I should have bookmarked that site, it's one of the few Opera Presto sites left.) As I'm currently on my tablet that'll have to wait a little bit.

  • I found the TTT Buttons page but unfortunately he doesn't include that one. I'll try a few things to make sure what works and report back here.

  • Much obligd sgunhouse

  • I use below to open current page with IE in a new tab inside opera. Not sure about the one for launching IE outside of opera

    Go to page, "javascript:(function(){if(location.protocol.match(/^(javascript|about|opera):$/i))return;var l=location.href;var t=(document.getElementsByTagName('title')[0]?document.getElementsByTagName('title')[0].text:l).replace(/</g,'<').replace(/>/g,'>');var'','_blank');w.document.documentElement.innerHTML='<head><title>'+t+' - using Internet Explorer rendering</title><style type=\x22text/css\x22>body{margin:0;padding:0;overflow:hidden;}embed{border:none;}</style></head><body><embed type=\x22application/x-meadco-neptune-ax\x22 width=\x22100%%\x22 height=\x22100%%\x22 param-location=\x22'+l+'\x22></embed></body>'})();",,"View in IE",View

  • Easiest is

    Execute program, "iexplore.exe", "%u"

    This forum doesn't support button links, so that's the best I can do.

  • Where do I type that?

  • Copy this in your address field


    Go and then click the link of the error page
    This should allow you to add the button

  • Found this still bookmarked, scroll down for a ready made InIE button:

  • Briliiant! It works. Thank you very much.