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  • Hey

    I had a blog at Opera. I didn't notice it gona be shout down and I will like to relocate it for one more time and copy it to another website.
    it has inside really great memories so I will relly thanks for helping my to find it and copy the blog.

    someone know how?

  • I just gave up! After almost 10 years of using Opera as my major browser, belief in its potential & uniqueness, of sacrificing time and nerves in filling compatibility gaps and whatnot, and of using my opera mailbox & connections with people - now the Opera crew managed to banish me finally.
    I don't care if they had the info about my opera closure around the net - its at least completely unprofessional to not grace us with a single email warning. To be the worse, they've gone that far not providing strait forward help nor instructions about saving accounts data.

    And this is not the first time they had this kind of attitude toward users - the special kind of arrogance is being noted over time by many.

    I have an impression that good old Opera was maintained by a whole another team, and all changes that pissed off users over time, might have come from some other agendas, of some different people taking over Opera...

  • They did send an email to the account that you used to register. It's your own fault if you don't check it or use a fake address to sign up. Read the TOS the next time you sign up to any service.

  • Leocg wrote:

    Hmm, what if you had to recover your password or receive any other info in your e-mail address connected to your My Opera account?

    If you have an account anywhere and its important for you, the associated e-mail should be not only valid but active and checked with some frequency.Also the info should be backed up.

    I can agree that Opera should help if possible, but people should not blame the others for their own mistakes.

  • I really hope that Opera can help us to find and copy our blog again. Many sweet memories was disappear unespectly T_T. Opera Team, pls!!!

  • Try . Go to this page and type the address of your former blog. Hopefully this web crawler has saved parts of your won't be your whole blog but you might be able to recover parts of it. Best of luck to you.

  • I know some blogs have been saved by members of my.opera but I don't know which ones. Try to ask at .

  • Pesala where's your blog?

    I'm looking for a link from my blog to yours about modifiying the standard_menu to create a custom 'open with' dialog.

  • Please help! All my sweet memories of the childhood of my two little boys were in the blogs. I was away for long time and did not access the account and then accessed it yesterday and found it was closed. Please help me to copy the posts. Please!

  • How can they do that? I lost all my info there. I feel terrible and disappointed

  • They gave everyone 4 months notice. I know you want it to be forever, but lacking that what do you expect them to do?

  • Try typing your blog's name into the search field of one of the big search engines, and when results, try choosing the 'cache version'. Or other guys could direct you to that "webarchive".
    He was away, Sgunhouse - it's excusable to say the least... It happens:left: