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[Solved]Opera "not responding" and crashing on windows 10 64 bit

  • Hi,i upgraded to windows 10 from 7 and Opera 31 does not respond when I open the browser.
    A few days ago it opened the page and kept crashing after 5 minutes in any webpage,now it does not respond when I open it,it freezes completely and stays frozen,and I have to close it with the task manager.
    I tried disabling all the extensions but the problem remains,it must be a problem with Opera,because other browsers that I tried (Firefox and Edge) work ok.
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Opera,both the stable 31 and the beta 32 version and it still doesn't work,it freezes when I open it,in any webpage and stays frozen.
    Are Opera developers aware of this problem with windows 10 and is there any available solution?

  • I have been having crashing issues since the very first day of the 31 Update.

  • The developers know about this issue?
    Will they fix it in the next version?

  • The developers know about this issue?

    Probably, since the issue was reported several times.

    Will they fix it in the next version?

    It depends on if they will be able to reproduce it. For the majority of the users, Opera works fine.

    Btw, does Opera works if you rename the profile folder?

  • I noticed that on all my computers that the Opera turbo was active in all their menus on the top left side. Disable the Opera Turbo by un-checking it. I don't know why we need this as most people are not on DSL or dial up!

  • @millionmileman

    Really? The majority of the world has cable internet? You do know this program is used by lots of people outside of the developed world right? The fact is most people ARE on slow or metered internet connections. Heck, by the standard in most norther and western European countries people in North America are on third world internet.

  • How can you rename the profile folder?
    Opera freezes constantly on windows 10 64bit and i am thinking to go back to windows 7 when it worked fine.
    Will there be a solution for this problem?
    I have to use Edge now because Opera freezes and crashes in any site.

  • How can you rename the profile folder?

    The same way you rename any folder on Windows: you open Windows Explorer, go toi the folder and rename it.

    Note that the folder may be hidden so you need to change your Explorer settings to show those folders.

  • I fixed the problem.I performed a (second) upgrade to windows 10,from withing the system.
    After the upgrade finished,i tried Opera 31 again and now it works fine,without any crashes or freezes.
    If anyone else has freezes and crashes with Opera 31 on windows 10,he should perform the upgrade to windows 10 again and after it,Opera will work fine.