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  • Hello!

    A long time ago, I was an avid user of Opera.. The biggest reason was the Speed Dial and the fact that if you close all the tabs, you end up in the Speed Dial window INSTEAD of closing the browser. If I recall correctly, using ctrl + 1-9, it'd open the numbers you had (I was frequently using 3x3). However, with the new update, it's not working properly. Clicking ctrl + #, it only switches between the tabs.

    I've tried looking through settings and tried to Google the answer, but I can't seem to find it (I'd rather not download some extensions.. found a solution that gave you back the old UI or something).

    Thank you, in advance.


  • Ctrl+1-9 was a long time ago - they dropped it once larger grids were common. And now that they have speed dial folders ... well, it doesn't make much sense with folders.

    Current versions of Opera are actually based on Chromium (the open-source part of Chrome) rather than their old completely proprietary browser that you remember; it would be nearly impossible to fully "give you back the old UI".

  • Thank you!

    Although, that's quite sad. That speed dial was the most comfortable setup I've ever had. Ah.. Disappointed now ._:

  • You can still use a version of true Opera aside other browsers (nuOpera included) - for certain, limited purposes (with the increasing vulnerability) and with caution, of course.
    I do. I play games and videos there, check weather sites and mail, etc.