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Camera and Microphone Permission Problems

  • I want to grant microphone access to a website, and it keeps asking me each time. I therefore went to Settings > Websites > Media > Manage exceptions...
    however, the box is completely empty and I can't enter anything. Is this normal? Is it a known issue?
    Also, is it possible to give only microphone permissions without camera permissions? (They are not the same device)

    I am using v 31.0.1889.174 on Windows 7 x64.

  • Is the object that is requesting this permission a flash object?

  • Good evening. I just recently installed Opera, and I'm really liking the new browser. The browser doesn't crash after a few minutes or on high contact websites. Except for this camera issue. I'm having the same problem like ynhockey. Why do you have a "Manage Exceptions" menu, if the only site(s) the browser remembers are HTTPS sites? I'm all for security, but if your going to have a "Manage Exception" menu, then remove the HTTPS remember function, and let the user choose what site(s) get access. It sucks having the "allow" and "deny" question keep popping up every 10 seconds.

    Also, to answer your question. I'm have this issue with a flash object.

    Version: 31.0.1889.207 on Windows 10

  • Flash has its own storage for allowing and disallowing microphone and camera access.

  • True, but the notice is coming from Opera, not Flash. The message reads, "Camera and microphone request - the website wants to access your camera and microphone. Allow?" You click "Allow" and the camera works for a few secs, then the message appears again. As ynhockey stated, when you open up "Manage Exceptions," the website is not listed, even though you "Allowed" the access.

  • Sorry I forgot about this thread, but the problem still exists. Yes, it's a Flash object, however, the request is coming from Opera even after allowing the microphone in Flash, and in the settings, 'Manage Exceptions' doesn't work at all (no ability to add an exception).

    If you want to test it, try (try to record something there).

  • Right click on a flash content, go to Global Settings. Check if use of camera and microphone is allowed.