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[Bug] Double tabs opening/closing in latest stable release (V.31)

  • Since the latest release, I'm randomly getting double the amount of click registers at random times, causing twice as many tabs to open or close when I use middle-click. I am fairly certain that it's not a mouse issue since I'm only experiencing it in the most recent version of Opera. I have some addons that I've used a long time, but nothing that changed recently on that front. Nothing that modifies the mouse or interface aside from Imagus.

    Opening double tabs aren't too annoying, but when closing tabs with a middle-click it sometimes also closes the next tab as well on the same click, which is quite annoying. Especially when I don't notice it immediately, and suddenly miss a tab.

    Version: 31.0.1889.99

  • Check if it happens in latest Opera build. Also check with extensions disabled.

  • It happened when testing in a freshly installed beta client with no extensions or modifications, other than some changes in the general settings.

    I can't rule out for sure that my mouse is bugging out in some fashion, but I've only noticed this behaviour in Opera so far, and nothing specific happened to my mouse recently, other than growing a few days older. Not sure if there's a way I can easily test this outside Opera and send feedback on that. It happens relatively often.

    My mouse is a Razer Ouroboros, and I have Razer Synapse 1.18 installed. If you know of a simple, safe program that can test clicking/misclicking, I'll do some tests in that.

    Version: 32.0.1948.4

    Edit: Tested for about 10 minutes on this site, clicking button 1, 2 and 3 in order. Had the mouse wheel in various positions. No double clicks registered. I'll try again later and post back here if I notice anything. Otherwise assuming it's not a hardware issue.

  • Just to update, I've concluded that it's my mouse. (Can't edit previous post.)

    Seems to be a problem with Razer mice parts sticking to the buttons while clicking, affecting several models. Quite annoying. A fix, if anyone else experiences this is to either open up the mouse and cleaning it with a Q-tip and cleaning solution, or simply blow or use Dust Off into the button cracks.

    Feel free to close this thread.