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Notifications not loading for Google account.

  • When I sign into my Google account in Opera, I do not get notified that there are new notifications. In any of Google's services, Gmail, Youtube, Google Plus etc. Usually there is an indication that you have unread notifications in the Bell Icon when you see a number in a red circle telling you how much unread notification you have.

    When I click on the Bell notification icon it says that I need to sign in even though I'm already signed in. If I click on the sign in option that appears when I try to manually check for notifications, nothing happens. I have tried clearing cache, data and cookies but nothing seems to work. I even disabled all my extensions to no avail, when I sign in to my Google account with another browser, I can clearly see 5 unread notifications in the Bell icon and if I click on it I can review them, but it just refuses to work under Opera.

    Also the only thing I disabled under 'Opera://flags' was Synchronization, to get rid of the sync button, ...maybe this info will be useful IDK.

    Opera 31.0 (31.0.1889.99), Windows 10 Enterprise 64-Bit

  • Clearly this browser isn't ready for prime time, I will been going back to Firefox. Maybe in a couple of years it will be ready and able to handle web services that people rely on, on a daily basis.

  • Opera 31.0 (31.0.1889.99)

    Thats not the current version of Opera. Try downloading it from the official site again and updating it. It might help.

  • I did download from the official site, it downloaded a file called 'Opera-NI-Stable.exe' which I assume stands for Net Installer Stable release channel. After it installs and I check the version in about Opera it still says '31.0.1889.99' and states that it is up-to-date.

  • When did you download it though?

  • Thats not the current version of Opera.

    It is, the newer one seems to have been dropped from the server.

  • Having the same issue here
    My current version is 44

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