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  • Opera seems to lock my system up hard when some sites have flash videos on them since upgrading to windows 10 and opera self updated to 31.0.1889.99 even the adobe flash site does it if I manually try to update flash it get to the bit where it's looking for the current version and that's it total lock up

    system specs:
    AMD FX8320
    Asus Strix R9-285 on CAT 15.7.1
    8GB DDR3 2400MHz
    OS: Windows 10 PRO x64
    Flash version:

    No idea why only error msg I get in event-viewer is an unexpected shutdown nothing else

  • Generally if Windows completely locks up its a driver issue. It could be that Opera + Flash is causing something to fail in one of your drivers. Otherwise Windows has systems in place to keep normal applications from taking the whole system down. It really got rather difficult to do starting with Vista and its only gotten harder to completely crash Windows since.

  • yeah That's what I was thinking too, may aswell go ahead and report it to AMD and MS for now though I've just disabled flash in Opera youtube works fine in HTML5 player so no bother there

  • Yeah, Flash is rapidly becoming useless since many of the streaming video sites have switched. One thing I notice is if I disable flash, even if the pages 'don't use' flash, I get less ads. No there changes. Yeah, the ads with sound are annoying but even on pages with standard banner ads use flash. AT this point, outside of a few spots here and there, Flash is become more of a burden than a benifit to my browsing experience. I also find it crashes if I up a shitton of tabs at once (100+ tabs) and my performance takes a huge hit until it finally craters. Opera keeps chugging happily along though.

  • well seems it's not a flash or a driver or an windows 10 problem as tvnz/ondemand works perfectly fine in microsofts edge browser aswell as IE11, firefox, safari, palemoon and chrome so it's an Opera problem

  • And same problem in Opera Dev 33 played one video fine then went to play another and instant lock up

  • So nobody has any helpful ideas then

  • Opera, Edge and Firefox use different flash versions/types.

    Do you use any extensions? If so, have you checked with them disabled?

  • I've found that by disabling hardware acceleration it does not lock the system up and plays flash content fine, although not ideal it works none the less I have since reported the issue to AMD oh and disabling Ublock and user agent switcher did not help