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What did you do to Opera? It's awfully slow now.

  • Ok before I was able to middle mouse click up a ton of tabs and each one would load up quickly enough. But now Opera needs to wait until ALL of them are done before it shows them. Not only that but the rest of the tabs tend to get quite unresponsive too.

    Why would you do that?

    Now I got my OS which is Windows 10 on a SSD and I have a 100mb internet connection.

    Do revert this change as it made Opera far to slow.

  • I've just experienced the exact same thing (whereas previously today I was able to open multiple tabs very quickly). The task manager showed dozens of Opera tasks running, including an updater. For now, I've disabled Opera's auto-updater using CCleaner, and now Opera works as previously again.

  • Do you have Opera Turbo enabled? If so, disable it. Also, try it in a private window. If it doesn;t do it in a private window than one of your extensions is the cause.

  • Same OS here and even on a HDD Opera seems very fast.

  • It must be one of your extensions my friend, peraphs it is not compatible with Windows 10 yet, because nothing has changed for me since I updated both my Windows to 10 or my Opera to the latest version, and I don't even have a SSD nor a decent internet.

  • I haven't enabled Opera Turbo and I don't use any extensions as I'm fine with just the mouse gestures. It is compatible with Windows 10 because I used it just fine in the start.

    But what I don't get now is that it's actually fixed without me doing anything. It wasn't the restarting of Opera that did it because I tried that several times before. My internet hasn't been slow either. I haven't removed any programs from my PC either. Didn't mess with any settings in Opera not that Opera has many settings to begin with.

    Thanks for the suggestions though.