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How to make Opera 31 my default browser

  • Hello everyone

    Opera 12.17 is still my default browser, but I'd like Opera 31 to be my default browser. However, I can't find any function in the settings that would change Opera 31 to my default browser. Is there a simple way of doing it?


  • In opera://settings there is an option to set it as your default browser.

  • James, can you be more specific, please? I see a section named "Default browser" with the text underneath it "Opera is not currently your default browser." There is also a button to import bookmarks and settings, but clicking that button only imports bookmarks and settings, and does not affect the non-defaultness of the browser.

  • Actually, this may be broken. I need to look into this further. It seems to be working in Opera developer. Here is what I am getting:
    Alt text

  • Depending on your version of Windows you may need to do it in Control Panel or Window's settiongs.

  • Thank you for that suggestion. Interestingly, Opera Developer is set as my default browser and among the list of options is beta and developer, but absent is Opera Stable which I use the most. I wonder if this is a bug or if I just need to reinstall Opera.

  • My Opera beta v32 will not let me click on "Make Opera my Default Browser"...??? v31 was giving me trouble too. It would finally kick in if I kept clicking repeatedly. But now v32 will not accept the click. I tried re-installing, still no dice. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance...

  • Go into Windows and make it the default web browser. How to do this varies a little based on what version of Windows you are using. Since you have not said which one you are using I'm not going to list every way here but its easy enough to find on Google.

  • I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is a bug that is being fixed.

    DNA-42220 [SD] Default browser dialog fails to show up.

    I have tried setting Opera as my default browser multiple times using the button in my image above and via the control panel, but it does not accept my choice. I use Windows 7 64 bit. Opera stable is not listed among the browsers that I can set as default. Beta and Developer are. I have no problem waiting for the next version of Opera Stable to come out. I suspect it will be fixed by then.

  • Opera was just updated today and I can now set Opera as my default browser :).

  • I have the same issue in Win 8.1.

    I am asked every time opera starts and I always make it the default. I have also set it via the control panel and opera:settings, but it never holds.

    Version is 31.0.1889.174