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How to disable autoplay in Youtube

  • Hello everyone

    I'm using Opera 31.0. It used to be possible to prevent Youtube videos from automatically playing, but Opera no longer give me the option to click to play, even though "click to play" is enabled in the settings. Perhaps because Youtube now uses HTML5 instead of Flash? How can I prevent YouTube videos from just playing automatically?


  • The name of the extension is "Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player." I installed it and it did nothing to stop auto play. But I sure would like to prevent youtube from jumping out of the current page to the next selection.

  • I'm not sure if this is what you are referring to, but on the top right of the list of videos where it says "up next" and to the right of that there is a button called "autoplay" with a check box. If it is blue then youtube will play video after video forever. If it is gray it will only play the video you select and then stop.

  • There are a couple of extensions that allows you to set YT videos to not autoplay.

  • My apologies, everone -- I just realised that my post may have been confusing, since there is a feature in Youtube called "autoplay", and that is not what I was trying to stop. I was trying to stop Opera from "automatically playing" the video when I visit Youtube. Currently, if you visit a Youtube page with a video on it, the video starts playing immediately, even if you have "click to play" enabled in Opera.

    [I think it was fairly clear what I meant if one reads my whole post instead of just the title of my post, but in case it wasn't: I want the "click to play" setting to work as expected, also on Youtube.]

    The solution that I found was the extension which forces Youtube to use Flash instead of HTML5. If you force Youtube to use Flash instead of HTML5, then Opera's "click to play" feature works correctly on Youtube.

  • As i said, there are extensions that prevents autoplay on YT even if the html5 playes is being used.

  • LeoCG, instead of saying "there are extensions out there", can you give a few examples of working extensions that provides click-to-play on Youtube, even if HTML5 is used? I did try several extensions myself, but perhaps/hopefully you know of one or two that actually work.

  • Maguc Actions used to work but recently i started having issues with it in latest developer build.

    Improved Tube may work too.

  • Magic Actions

    ImprovedTube - YouTube Extension

    There seems to be an overabundance of youtube extensions to sort through.

  • Right, me to
    Magic Actions was a marvellous plugin.
    Works on other browsers Ok, but not properly on Opera lately

  • Magic Actions
    ImprovedTube - YouTube Extension
    There seems to be an overabundance of youtube extensions to sort through.

    But i guess that just a few claim to stop autoplay.

  • Magic Actions works for me if I select the option "Stop Autoplay", thanks. I wonder if Magic Actions only works on Youtube -- I haven't tried it with other web sites that use HTML5 video. As for ImprovedTube, I just love the fact that I can watch videos at higher speed.

  • I wonder if Magic Actions only works on Youtube

    Yes, that's the reason for the name "Magic Actions for Youtube".

  • Hi @ugcheleuce: if you want a solution, which also works on many other websites, you can install the "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" extension 😉

  • "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" extension will disable auto-play, but not auto-loading too (even tho it say so)
    better solution is to use Magic Action, force HTML5 video and disable auto-play, auto-load etc... (at least for me)
    version from Chrome web store works fine, version from Opera addons store is old/bugged one