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Fixed Speed Dial in next Opera version?

  • So like many of you I was pretty excited to try out Opera 31. The start-up time speed boost seemed like an excellent improvement and evolution of the browser and as always I enjoy updating Opera and staying up to date. However also like many of you who have posted numerous times in this forum the latest update to Opera is extremely disappointing. Speed Dial is a massive step backwards. I still don't understand how the developers could look at their work and actually think the latest iteration of Speed Dial is superior to before when it's far, far worse.

    How could they have not foreseen the overwhelming criticism and negativity coming their way due to the unfortunate changes they implemented? Speed Dial now has the following problems:

    *White bars underneath the thumbnails and that look extremely visually displeasing

    *Lag that seems to have arisen as Speed Dial loads the thumbnails; I see the wrong thumbnails for a second before they actually properly load. Something to do with the experimental start page flag being removed?

    *Zoom seems to have been adjusted to the point that the thumbnails are now zoomed out which is also unfortunate

    *Just generally a visual nightmare of a Speed Dial that is a massive regression for the browser

    I know these complaints may seem somewhat insignificant given all that happened is that Speed Dial is now visually worse. However Opera has been my primary browser for years now and it's a really bad sign to see a stable new version of the browser being such a step backwards when realistically it should be an improvement to what came before. So the question I have is this: are the Opera developers taking the masses of negative feedback on board with the intention of resolving all of these issues in the next update? Stable new versions of Opera sometimes take months to come out.

    They need to remedy this ASAP. People are abandoning the browser because of this when Opera is still the best browser out there at the moment. Will all of this be remedied in an upcoming update?

    Your thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.

  • There already lots of topics regarding the new speed dial.