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Ugly Speed Dial without my permission

  • i also do not want the new ugly speed dial page, it was changed without my permisionn, opera did not tell me it was changing it. I wish to also revert it back to thumbnails, but cannot find out how to do this, i have spent over an hour searching google and yahoo, no luck there.

    This site isnt a lot better, it kept redirecting me to a signin page, with no link to register, it is very badly designed as a whole. Telling me nothing.

  • I too am unhappy about this, and after much investigation I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to have thumbnail images on the Speed Dial page in Opera 31. I would happily reinstall Opera 30 but unfortunately it isn't possible to prevent Opera auto updating......

  • i'm deleting my newly formed account, i suspect that the bookmark sync is the culprit, if only they tell you that this will happen, then i can choose, also can the opera team look at this website, it a guessing game most of the time. I'm gone.

  • No, it's not the bookmark sync (which I never use) it's a deliberate decision on Opera's part.

  • I just answered the similar question

  • in the new developer there is ability to zoom in/out/pan on those thumbnails and put focus on what you like

  • i have been using this browser since opera 6, in the last 3 years it has become a college boy farce. Even the website signup is confusing. I have no choice, the loss of thumbnails is so dumb, i cant be bothered to write any more. I'm back to firefox.

  • I can see no difference in my speed dial after updating from v30 to v31. Am I missing something?

  • Is there any way to revert to the normal old speed dial now? Any settings I can change in some sort of INI file? Where are those INI files anyway -- I was just looking through the Opera folders and isn't a single INI file in the profile folder for my user.

    This new speed dial is horrific. I've been saying this again and again and again, and if they're forcing this on me, they're forcing me to really, really try and get everything working right with Vivaldi. I can't be using Firefox, but at least Vivaldi is exactly where I would have wanted Opera to be. The only thing missing, still, is perfect chrome extension integration, but it's coming.

    What am I supposed to do with a screen full of rectangle text gargabe? Graphical cues exist for a reason!

  • @murxx
    new SD was experimental, and many ppl were disabling it (or not enabling it in flags)
    now experiment is over, new SD is by default (and without opt out)
    you probably didn't mess with those flags

    at the beginning, flag was disabled, then in last builds it was enabled by default (and users could disable it)
    now there's no flag any more to disable

  • I used the new SD since it was introduced as experimental in v26? (the one witch brought the bookmarks back) .. with the clickable corner for enable/disable on the right side.

    This means one thing less to worry about 😉

    But the broken search in the bookmark manager and the uneditable standard searchengine shortcuts are annoying.

  • .. with the clickable corner for enable/disable on the right side.

    actually, I think there was little more combinations since then... but it's a mess anyway

  • The speed dial is unfathomably horrible. I had thumbnails before, and now they are all icons. Am I stuck with this incredible eyesore/mess?. :eek: If I'm stuck with it, I'm dropping Opera as my default browser. It's beyond awful. I'm getting a severe headache and double vision just looking at it. What the hell could the developers be thinking?

  • You're not entirely stuck with it. You can manually switch all these speed dial entries to have thumbnails. It doesn't remember, so you'll have to do it again and again, and every time you'll be practically re-adding them, but heey ... look at ze fanzie new zpeed dial. We so faanzieee! ;/

  • Oh, and of COURSE you'll have to do that for each of them individually! They want you to FEEL the pain.

  • nothing more to add, despite another sigh of disbelieve.
    May I ask for the statistic you raised during your trail run of this setting?

    Edit: even a revert to 30.0.1835.125 didn't help here. Still having this abomination of a speeddail.

    Edit2: Great, now it even forgot all my passwords associated with account names. It remembers the names but not the passwords. Great, really great
    sigh is not enough anymore I am getting really frigging pissed here.

    And of course, loading pages takes ages now, if it even loads a page. What the heck do you guys even think anymore?

  • @lem729
    you can try this

    make sure that updated bookmark is for speed dial (and not the one that is somwehere else, like in Unsorted)

  • I have too many speed dial entries to change each one individually, and I don't want to go back to Opera 30 and try to prevent updates. The problem there is that your frozen in an old version. I could have lived with having a fix for the Old Speed Dial thumbnails in Opera flags. Now suddently that's too much for Opera. The SuperStart Speed Dial extension in Firefox is totally excellent, and gives you speed dial folders AND thumbnails. I'll use Firefox, have Opera as a backup and check back on it. This has to be fixed in Opera to Thumbnails for me, and I'm not changing every website entry for every update. I'm not jumping through a thousand hoops, just to use desktop Opera. The Developers have had quite a few updates where they have pushed the icons. If they have read the comments in the forum, they would have gotten the message that there was a lot of strong opposition -- that many people found it that it put the ugh in ugly. Either they don't waste their time on this forum, or they just don't care. I still like Opera Coast and Opera Mini (which I use in my IPad) so I'm not leaving Opera completely. But this desktop Opera 31 Speed Dial is now unusable for me.

  • correct, the amount of speeddial tiles that would have to be changed is really extensive.
    Just one more nail in the coffin, and as usual I wonder why?

    And I wonder why there are no elaborate patch notes out there. argh

    Edit: Sorry, just found that off the blog "Opera 31 speeds up by Zhenis / August 4, 2015 "
    The most important change we’re introducing in Opera 31 is its startup time. Opera for computers now starts up to 70% faster in comparison to previous versions.

    really? is that so? how come this is the slowest loading, and slowest page opening since you changed to blink?

    Well this is going to offtopic here, as kinda almost all topics on here.

  • I finally could prevent Opera 30 from updating after I edited the host file. Such a pain in the ***! It shouldn't be to difficult to leave a choice like it was b4. If you are into Metro/Modern UI go for it on pads/phones but don't hate on the desktop users. Windows 8 failed on it and 8.1 and now 10 paddled back on it. I don't get it why you make the same mistake?!