Opera Mail - question from a newbie

  • Hi all - I'm sorry but being new, I couldn't find any way to create a new post.

    Hi - I've just installed Opera 1.0.1040 on my Windows7 PC. My problem is this:-

    I don't want Opera to automatically Send or Receive emails when Opera first opens. I want to do it manually, & when I'm ready!

    Is there a way to prevent this, & only Send or Receive manually?

    I couldn't find any settings or a way of doing either of these things!

    Many thanks to the experts if you can help.


  • Go to the account settings and disable the option to check for new messages every x minutes. I guess it will help.

  • Hi Leocg - many thanks for your willing help, much appreciated.

    Sorry that I posted twice, & then with errors! I guess I'll learn!

    Regards, Niloc

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