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Opera Pin to Start Moving Around

  • Y'all --

    I don't understand why, but although I've pinned Opera to one place in my Windows 10 start menu, it constantly moves to another place in the start menu... Is anyone else seeing this?


  • Can confirm this. Super annoying issue when you got a big start menu and Opera always moves to the bottom.

  • Here Operw is always under the letter O in the start menu.

  • We're not talking about the "All Apps" view but the pinned view with all your Tiles etc.

  • I thought it was about the start menu.

  • It's both part of the Windows 10 start menu.
    Have you actually tried Windows 10 or are you just trolling me?
    I'm not talking about the Tablet view. You can pin items to your start menu so you can use them before you click on "All Apps", even in Desktop view. This is where you got your Mail tile and whatever right after installing Windows 10, even in Desktop view.

    And this is where Opera is behaving funny. Sometimes it will stay in its place for 10-15 minutes just to move about again at a random time. I really can't reproduce the behaviour on purpose but within a certain period of time the pinned Opera icon will move to the bottom.

    Also I'm starting to get fed up with Opera. Windows 10 beta builds been around for months now and I got to explain a pretty simple bug to you guys that you would have found after 10-15 minutes of testing the OS, really? Not just that but I have to explain how the start menu works too?
    Seems to me you did no testing on Windows 10 prior to 29.07.2015. Also those ugly Win98 toolbars, ugh.

  • I'm using Windows 10 since a long time. Afaik what you are talking about is not the start menu, it has its own name. Or used to, at least.

    Windows 10 was just released and Opera is still getting ready for it, there are issues that need to be fixed.

  • Windows 10 beta builds been around for months now and I got to explain a pretty simple bug to you guys that you would have found after 10-15 minutes of testing the OS, really?

    Not all software makers - probably just a few of major ones - will fix or even look for issues on a OS that is not on RTM stage at least.

    Also they can't predict all issues because they can't know everyone behavior.

  • I've pinned Opera to what used to be called smart screen and the icons still remains in the same place so far.

  • Well I think I got this pretty much figured out.

    Each time I start Opera this folder will be created:
    C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Opera Software
    And each time I close Opera the folder will be deleted.

    This folder also has a shortcut called "Opera".
    My thinking is Windows 10 (for whatever reason) registers this new Opera shortcut to be a duplicate of the old one and just replaces the pinned Opera shortcut in the start menu with the new Opera shortcut that is also called Opera.
    After closing Opera the shortcut will be gone so it will be replaced again with the old one. Thus you can literally see Opera reset two times on some occasion. The tricky part is, that Windows doesn't register those start menu changes in real time. Sometimes it needs a while and this is why this issue seems rather periodic. But it only ever happens once you started Opera. I can literally have my PC run for a full day without this issue happening if I just don't open Opera.

    This replacement pretty much works like as if you would unpin the Opera icon and then pin it again, basically resetting its position to the bottom of the start menu each time.
    Even when I leave it there I can see the Opera icon being "reloaded" sometimes.

    Opera is the only programm having those issues, so I figure its probably this shortcut creation shenanigan.
    So seems to me like, at core, this is a Windows 10 issue.
    But why the hell is Opera creating and deleting shortcuts on each start and close in the first place?

    If this doesn't happen to you, then it's weird. I'm on Opera Stable branch 30.X version and this is a clean, fully updated, Windows 10 installation (not an upgrade). Opera was also freshly installed.
    Make sure you don't just pin Opera to the start menu but also move it to the top left corner while having a lot of other pinned icons in different rows and columns. This is the best I can describe replicating this issue.

    PS: It's not called SmartScreen. Source, this is SmartScreen:
    It's just called "start menu" and since Windows 10 it features the ability to pin things to it. The damn action is even called "pin to start" when you rightclick something!
    So Can you now stop fuckin arguing with me about how this area is called?
    I feel like you troll me. Maybe you aren't but to me it feels like you first pretended not to understand the issue and now you want to lecture me with bullshit information. Maybe your Windows is in a non-english language, so whatever. But in engish its the start menu and you pin icons to it.
    Also I work in software development as a Senior Backend Developer myself, so I know how that works. And in all my years of experience we always tested our software for new OS releases before release. Also Windows 10 was RTM for weeks before the public release, I know because I had to test my software on it.
    So no offense, let's just focus on the issue at hand.

  • Edit: sporadic, not periodic
    I'm german so forgive my small language mistakes 😉