NO confirmation email Came

  • This is an FYI for whoever runs the forum mail server. I wanted to use
    my primary earthlink account when I signed up to get help since I check that
    the most. After 3 attempts to have you resend the verification...I gave up
    and used one of my domain names. Not happy about that but I got a confirmation
    right away.

    Are you being blocked by earthlink right now?

  • Earthlink provides automatic spam filtering settings for its customers, as well as a block-list. Depending on what your account settings are, it seems possible the filtering or block-list may have trapped the 3 confirmation messages:
    Earthlink FAQ

  • Don't know about them, but Yahoo has taken to blocking anything marked as "bulk" (mostly mailing lists). Whether I want them or not, I never even see them.

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