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Suggestion: Button to open the current tab on another device.

  • I'm normally surfing on the web on my computer and a stumble upon an interesting site that I want to share with a friend. I could use the computer version of Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., but I prefer to add it to my markers open the site on the mobile phone version of Opera and then share it with my friends choosing the app from a list then having to open a new tab and type the site where I want to share it, going through the stack of friends and sharing the link.
    So, it would be nice if there were a button to open the current tab on another device.
    I already see the tabs that are open in my phone through the PC, but I can't close them or add new tabs. Opera could also have a tool to manage tabs open through all connected devices.

  • This should be posted in the suggestion forum.

  • Enable Opera Sync and you will be able to see your opened tabs on other devices (if you are using Opera on them, of course).

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