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Can Speed Dial be disabled in Opera 30?

  • Hi!
    I'm still utilizing Opera 12.17 without Speed Dial. I have StartPage as default, and otherwise a blank pages, using the search bar on top.

    Is it possible to set up Opera 30 like that? (I don't like all those Speed Dial blocks, but that is just a matter of my personal taste.)
    And what about bookmarks?

  • I just installed Opera 30 (next to 12.17) to try it out. StartPage is set as default:

    It looks like bookmarks can be saved. But when I open a new tab next to StartPage I get the Speed Dial. Any way to disable that to get a blank page? (As is possible in Opera 12.17 and Firefox.)

  • Any way to disable that to get a blank page?

    Not possible currently. There may be extensions that allow you do do this.

  • Thank you.

    I followed the instruction given here:

    I filled in "st" (without quotation marks) so all I have to type in the Speed Dial top search bar is st, and I get StartPage in a new tab.

    I have the same setup in Opera 12.17.

    I noticed that I couldn't copy that long URL for StartPage as given by them. So I copied from the top search bar.

    I don't know (yet) how bookmarks works in Opera 30. For example I saved StartPage as a bookmark, and I see 10 instances of it in a small panel when I click on the red heart. But I don't know how to open any of them. The first one is a picture of the StartPage, the other ones next to it are mostly the letters SP in different sizes. None of the open when I click on them.

  • The heart menu is used to bookmark pages and edit the the bookmark. Change its icon (which is what the arrow buttons do), move it to a different folder, that kind of thing. Bookmarks are accessed by going to the Opera menu and the bookmarks sub-menu or by using the bookmarks manager. The manager can be accessed using Ctrl+Shift+B, from the bookmarks menu or from the speed dial page at the bottom.

  • Thank you.

    Shift+ctrl+b shows the bookmark of StartPage now, and then clicking on that opens that page.
    That is no more "work" than in Opera 12.17 clicking on the star and then on the address in the list. Just 2 clicks, or in my case, 2 taps on my touchpad. 😃

  • Also, by typing in the name of a site in the top bar of the StartPage page -replacing its URL- I get the website I want right way. I never get to see Speed Dial. Great. That was the only thing that kept me from stepping over to the new Opera browser.

    I'm thinking of removing good old 12.17 (which includes its integrated email client, and installing the stand alone Opera Mail...

  • PS:
    To be precise (for always getting StartPage as Homepage) this is what I also did:

    In Opera > Settings > On startup > Check Open a specific page or set of pages > Manage search engines > Set pages > > OK.

  • I re-installed Opera 12.17 again and removed Opera 30. The reasons are described here:

    "Needing an App for Reporting to SpamCop?"