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  • We've encountered a lot of CPU usage by Opera on our computers. At startup Opera uses 100% of CPU, and after some time it only drop down to 30-40% and stays there while we browsing on the net. If Opera is minimized or set to Speed Dial, it's CPU usage drop down to 1-4%, but only in this two options. When it is not minimized, switched to another process, still uses 30-40% of CPU.
    Is this a known bug or it's normal? I ask this because on Win 7, this doesn't happen.

  • Do you have Opera's Developer tools enabled? If so you can open up Opera's task manager by going to Opera Menu > Developer Tools > Task manager. Have a look in there and see whats using all of your CPU and get report back here. That might help us track down the problem. I suspect it might be a problem with one of your plugins (Adobe Flash) or possibly an extension.

  • I've opened the Task manager. It shows me that the CPU usage is always on the tab that I stay on. So, when I'm writing this comment, it is this forum page.

  • Strange. Do you have an on-board video card? It might be that Opera doesn't like it or the driver is wonky on Windows 10 or something and Opera has disabled hardware acceleration. This would put all the workload on your CPU. What are your system specs (CPU, RAM, GPU make and model)?

    Also, please enable Power User mode in the settings page (type the Konami Code while in settings) and see if 'Use hardware acceleration when available' is checked.

  • My PC system specs:
    8 GB 1600 MHz memory
    MSI GTX660 2GB

    My notebook specs:
    4 GB 1600 MHz memory
    Itegrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 IGP
    Nvidia GT 635M 2GB

    Use hardware acceleration when available is checked. On both.

    I've uninstalled my PCs drivers after upgrading to Win10 with Display Driver Uninstaller, than reinstalled from zero. This didn't helped.

    On the notebook I didn't done this, only with the Intel graphics driver.

  • Well, as long as you are using the latest drivers for your cards I don't know what could be causing the issue. Maybe Opera has problems on Windows 10? Maybe someone thats familiar with Windows 10 can let us know.

  • Have you checked with extensions and plugins disabled?

  • I've checked it, yesterday and today. Yesterday it still had the problem, but at today the problem is gone. I don't know what happened in between but the CPU usage problem is gone.
    Maybe Windows 10 needed time to get fully functional, but it is strange. If this will be happen again, I will post a new reply.

  • I've found one extension that makes CPU usage to the sky after a time. Avira Browser Safety makes every tab to 30-40%. Maybe it's scans or doing something in the background within every tab.