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  • I want to resize the website boxes on speed dial but after thorough research on how to fix it, I can't find the wrench icon on the right top corner nor in anywhere else and I can't make it appear.

  • They removed it in the new speed dial. In Settings there is an option to set the maximum number of columns - reducing that may make the tiles larger. You'll need to enable the Advanced settings checkbox for that option to show.

  • You can also use the zoom feature to change the size of the icons.

  • Thank you, but I the adv settings link cannot even be seen easily and conveniently. On the speed dial page, the links displayed and easily visible are "speeddial" "bookmarks" "discover" "tabs" and "history". "Adv settings" link doesn't show after clicking anyone of them. I remember coming across settings when I was searching google which then led me to customizing "Opera". Do I have to google it again till I get across it by chance? How inconvenient is that? Oh please give me the link to the adv settings access innstruction if it is convenient for you.

  • The "adv settings" is a very very important and useful icon or link that should be most easily visible and accessible before anything else. It is useful to every user, practically. Although "Discover" link which is readily clickable may be useful in a way to some, it is not interesting or useful to every user. If the "discover link" is very visible, why can and should the "adv settings" not be as well?

  • I have just clicked all possible links visible in opera and among all other things, the "Adv. settings" is not there - . Neither the "zoom option icon or link" is. WWhhewwwwwww...Please help further dear ...whooo

  • Click the large Opera icon, and select Settings from the dropdown, or just hit Alt+P.
    The Advanced Settings checkbox is at the bottom of the page.
    Once you've selected it, it will stay selected.

  • Zoom is a general setting that can be used on all web pages. As such it is in the Opera menu in the upper left. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to adjust it. It is a per website setting so zooming one page wont zoom them all. You can use it on Opera internal pages also, like speed dial and bookmarks.

    Anyway, posting 3 times in the same thread over the course of 15 minutes is considered poor form. Please don't do it again.