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  • I am at my wits end with bloody opera faults, and I am sick and tired of asking for help and being ignored. NOW why does opera randomly say

    This webpage is not available

    Unable to look up


    And I HAVE the website open in 3 other tabs and if I try to open another link I get this and it will go away in an hour or so. I am at the stage where I will LOSE all my speed dials, as I will HAVE to find a browser that works 100% of the time!
    And Opera on my other machines ALL do this randomly

    2 desktops Core 2 Duo 2.66
    4 Gig Ram
    2 GIG Video Cards
    2x 500 gig Drives
    1 is a Twin monitor system and that one is the worst.
    and a ASUS K61IC Laptop
    And my Cell phone Samsung Ace 3

    All running Opera Synced for now but if this is not fixed then I will have to find a working browser

  • Unable to look up

    Page loads fine here.

    Check if Turbo isn't enabled by chance. Also try with extensions disabled, if it's the case.

    Sometimes i get a "webpage not available" message with a certain sites but usually a reload soilves the issue.

    And I HAVE the website open in 3 other tabs and if I try to open another link I get this and it will go away in an hour or so

    Are you trying to open several pages of the same domain? If so, it can be a limitation of the site.

  • No it's Not a limitation of the site. and it does it randomly it did it on Ebay and I only had the one tab open it's frustrating as it always happens when I am busy. No I don't have Turbo on the computer. Phone only. Apart from Adblock plus and Alvira's Browser safety and the sync. I have a unaltered Opera. But it's getting worse and it's going to be uninstalled to my great dismay If i can't fix it

  • No I don't have Turbo on the computer

    Just to be clear, Turbo is a feature of Opera. You will find it in the Opera menu near the bottom of the list.

    Apart from Adblock plus and Alvira's Browser safety

    Either of those could be the source of the problem if something has been configured improperly. Visit the page in a private window (which disables extensions) and see if the problem persists. If it goes away than an extension is the source of your problem.

  • I am aware of what Turbo is I have been using opera for about 3 years. So I meant it was not TURNED on in opera. But this Random fault of pages not being able to looked up is just bloody frustrating. And when it does it to my fav pages I am getting beyond pissed at it. This problem has been with me thru Win7 64bit, Win8 &8.1 64bit horror shows, and Now win10 64bit. and I am using the 64 bit version of Opera. Also it's not the Addons either I have just had another Random Site stop loading and after about 30-60 mins it just started working again, with nothing being changed in the Browser, or in how I am doing things. It is a real Pain Now thats strange the page is working in Normal opera. and still refuses to load in a Private window. SO it's not the Addons.

  • There is no 64-bit version of Opera for Windows. Are you using Opera 12? That was the last version for Windows with a 64-bit release.