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[bugs] 1-downloads & 2- image viewing

  • Hello,

    I'm on Opera 30.0.1835.88, Turbo : Always on.

    1- Download's don't stop consuming bandwidth when I click on the pause button.
    I must remove the download to stop it from "eating" bandwidth or let it continue.
    I'm on dial-up, slow connection, so it's necessary.

    2-a- For viewing picture end also site sometimes, the page height is more than the necessary
    and I have the footer / bottom of the picture movable twice the page/picture height!
    Turbo On / Off.
    screen capture, proof : (picture opened it the capture (
    Not reproducible all times, don't know why!

    2-b- Images are shown in fit mode, they take all the page width, like Zoomed, and must click on it
    to zoom out the "normal" size.

    Thank you

  • 1- Turbo does not throttle your bandwidth. It sends things like images and web pages to Opera's servers to be compressed and then the servers send you the compress data. That does not put a limit on the amount of bandwidth that can be used, but just makes it so less data needs to be sent. This has zero effect on downloads, not should it. If you wish to put a limit on the amount of bandwidth Opera uses you will have to use a bandwidth managing program.

    2-1- Never seen that before. No clue how to fix that.

    2-b- That is the default behavior. Yeah, some people find it annoying. There are extensions you can install that allow you to change that.

  • Hello,
    Thanks for the answer.

    1. I think you did not understand what I said. When I download something, e.g. a pdf of 10Mb, at 50%, I decided to click on the pause button, it's paused apparently, but in real, it continues to download.
    About Turbo, I know about how it works, I mentioned it just for tech precision.

    2-b I didn't remember I have seen than in previous (about 3 stables version) of Opera.

  • 2-b I didn't remember I have seen than in previous (about 3 stables version) of Opera.

    This behavior has started in Opera 29 afaik. It's the same as in Opera Presto.