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  • I am using Windows 7 64 bit on my PC and have Opera 17 installed.

    I like watching videos on Utube but I have not been able to use Opera because I cannot get the Adobe Flash player to function. I have tried installing earlier versions of the flash player with no success.

    What I cannot understand is that when I go to Opera Help the instructions given do not seem to apply to the browser I have installed.
    These are Opera's instructions:-
    *Follow these general steps when installing plug-ins:

    Download and install the plug-in.
    Close and restart Opera so that the plug-in is detected. The plug-in should be listed under Page > Developer Tools > Plug-ins.*

    When I navigate to Page there is no heading for Developer Tools.

    Further on in the instructions it says:-
    In some cases, you may need to configure Opera so that it can find the plug-in. To do this, add the directory containing the plug-in to the plug-in path. From the Opera menu, select Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content, click Plug-in options, then Change path.

    Again when I go to Settings I cannot find Preferences>Advanced>Content etc

    Can someone please help me get the flash player to work and explain why the instructions cannot be followed easily.

  • Yes! You must have come across an outdated help file...

    Download the latest Flash player version for "plug-in based browsers" = "Other Browsers" from Adobe's website.

    Close Opera and install it.
    When the installation finishes open Opera and go to menu -> Settings.
    Open the Websites section from the sidebar and check if Plug-ins are set to "Run automatically (recommended)" with no exceptions.

    Click that "Disable individual plug-ins..." link (or the opera:plugins URL) to check if Flash is correctly identified and enabled.

  • Thanks Rafaelluik for your response.

    The problem I was having is no longer an issue for me after uninstalling Opera 17 and installing Opera Developer 19 which has been working flawlessly in every respect.

    I would certainly recommend installing the Developer version of the browser.

  • Okay... Just bear in mind the Developer version is much more prone to various bugs and crashes ok?

  • Hi Rafaelluik

    My elation with Opera Developer 19 has turned to despair as I am now having the same problem as I had with version 17.

    When I open Opera I get the following message near the top of the browser in red.

    'You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe.'

    When I click on a video I wish to watch the following message is displayed in the video window.

    'The Adobe Flash player is required for video playback. Get the latest player.'

    I have uninstalled the Adobe flash player and reinstalled it but it does not eliminate the above messages.

    I have gone to Settings/Browser and Plug-ins is set to run automatically.

    I have checked to see if the Adobe Flash Player is installed and it is.

    The Adobe Flash player works in another browser on my PC but I would prefer to use Opera if I can.

  • Are you sure you are installing the version of Flash player for 'Opera' and not 'Internet Explorer' ?.

  • Hi LinixMint.

    I am sure I am using Adobe flash player Version 11.9.900.117

    When I go to Settings/Websites/Plug-ins and check to see if it is installed it is shown as 1,0,0,1

    Hoping this helps.

  • This red bar you mentioned looks very suspicious to me. Some malware can disguise as Adobe Flash installers...

    I don't see any "1,0,0,1" here.

    Please check all the steps I posted above, downloading from Adobe and seeing if no exceptions are set in the settings, etc.

  • I and not sure if this is a Flash Player issue, or if there is a hidden Pop-up Blocker in OPERA 20 Developer. Every Radio Station that had a pop-up player such as KLOVE, Moody Radio, and LOVE101, stopped working. And it acts like a pop-up blocker. Under the OPERA Settings, I do have Allow all sites to show pop-ups, checked and STILL no sound at all from the Online Radio Stations that I use.

    What am I missing in the Settings? For example: When I go to that KLOVE site and click on the Listen Online link, the Pop-up comes up and freezes while it says Loading. Where all can I find hidden Pop-up blockers?

    I just tried that: on IE and no sound there either. I got to thinking, I recently installed IOBIT Malware Fighter, so I will email their techs to see if it is their product. Will post the results when I find the solution here.

  • Originally posted by onovell:

    Try adding the url to the exception list for plugins (Settings > Websites > Plugins)

    Originally posted by onovell:

    It worked here.

    Originally posted by onovell:

    Also try to add as an exception.