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Open downloaded PDF outside the browser

  • How can I open downloaded PDFs outside the Opera? Now when I download PDF and click on it in downloads in Opera it opens it in new tab. Instead I want to open it in my PDF viewer installed on my computer. Also, I noticed that built in PDF viewer in Opera sometimes doesn't show the document properly. It shows only some parts of it, missing pictures or letters.

  • AFAIK, it's for security purposes. The PDF is open in the browser's sandbox. Chrome does that too. The problem regarding some missing characters in the bundled PDF viewer is fixed in the developer channel, and will land on beta and stable soon.
    To open the PDF outside Opera, you need to open the file explorer then open the PDF file.

  • When Opera downloads a file it puts it into the downloads folder by default. You can either set it to default somewhere else (like your desktop for easy accessibility) or have it ask you each time you download a file.

    When Opera opens a PDF, if you wan tto save it somewhere you can just got to Opera menu > Page > Save as and save it somewhere for you to open it later.

    If you don't want Opera opening PDFs at all go into your plugins and disable any PDF viewers you have in there. Opera will then treat any PDF as a download and wont open it.

  • For me, this is not acceptable. I manage a data documentation system on my company intranet primarily in HTML. There are many links to PDF documents. In my context, security is not a significant issue. Too bad. I kinda liked Opera but I guess it is back to Firefox or maybe Pale Moon. Unless I'm missing something, the only way to move in PDF pages is to scroll. I'm going to scroll a 100+ page document?! Nope. Also not being able to right click on an image to view it is annoying. BTW I'm using Opera 47.0 on Windows 7.

  • Scrolling a large document is easy - grab the scrollbar "thumb" and move it. But no need to scroll - the header bar (which appears when you are near the top of the page) will say something like "1/119" on it, and you can click on the page number and type a page to go to. Simple.

  • Right click on the filename and select "save linked content as . . .". Works in Google search, haven't tried elsewhere. (Opera 44)