syncronization did not work!

  • Hi Team,

    I wanted to change my windows PC, but keep all my Opera bookmarks and stored webpages.
    So I created an Opera account for syncronization. Threw the old PC out and installed Opera on the new PC. After login to this Opera account on the new PC, it says "syncro is active". But not one bookmark or other stored link is available now.

    Please help, it would be fatal if all information is lost.

    What went wrong here?


  • Additional Information:
    both machines run win7 with latest updates...

  • So there's nothing in menu > bookmarks?
    What do you call stored links?

  • thanks for the feedback.

    Actually there are bookmarks available, still missing are all websites previously stored on the speed dial. Also not syncronized were all open tabs.

    any idea?

  • Speed dial sync does not replace your current speed dial, it shows up in your Bookmarks manager as Other Speed Dials.

  • ok, got it. How about opened tabs, shouldn't tabs be syncronized?

  • Synced tabs can be found on the speed dial page near the bottom right. It should show the tabs from all of your browsers signed into the same MyOpera account.

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