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Opera slow to load site - ok new tab

  • It's odd, because it's sometimes fine when I click on a site in my bookmarks or address. But most times, I have to force the site to open in a new tab, otherwise, it just does nothing other than spin the round arrow.

    I know it's mostly to do with my 10 year old pc - but when it's on song, it really works well. Has 2 GB ram, Win7, etc. Just wondering if there's a problem with the cache or similar. I've turned off many of the settings for Opera to work with the old set up (like Turbo).

    Any tips on this unique issue?



  • What version of Opera are you using?

  • On the current 25. I also have the old 12.17 that does not have this fault. So, having both browsers up and running has the 25 stalling by not wanting to leave a page for a new page unless in a new tab - the 12 will go to a new page without hesitation. Thanks

  • On the current 25

    Current stable version is 30.

  • Opps, was saying it's 25 when right clicking in tool bar. But the update check shows it's up to speed at version 30.0 and not 25. It's 30.0.1835.59 However, it's still hanging as if the active site won't let it go. I refuse to use Chrome, and I find Firefox has too much of a foreign feel and does not scroll as smooth as Opera.

    Hope there's a way to fix this. Thanks

  • Have you tried with a new clean profile folder?

  • Hi. When into Opera account and signed in with my member's details, allowing synchronisation. After a few moments of looking for more answers as it was still delaying, suddenly it's super sick and quick 🙂

    Will keep you updated if it goes slow again.

    Love Opera, and now can keep my old pc!

  • Oops, forgot to say thanks!