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  • I am on Win 7 64bit using Opera 20.0.1387.64. I moved from an old machine to this current one and want to sync my speed dials, bookmarks etc. When I go to do this from the menu, the normal synchronize opera button to enable synchronization isn't there but instead it is visible by going "more tools" and then choosing "synchronize"

    However all this does is take me to an Operalink webpage where i can see wjhat i would like to have on speed dial though it does not sync.

    Is there a way to get this to sync correctly?

  • No. Link isn't going to get implemented in the new versions.
    They are working on a totally new and much better synchronization though.

    To get your stuff now:

    1. install Opera 12.16 first on your new device
    2. sync with your other install
    3. install Opera 20
    4. delete Opera 12.16

    Opera 20 will use your old profile. That's the only working way right now that I'm aware of.

  • Is there a way to get this to sync correctly?

    Enable it on opera:flags. Note that it's still on experimental stage and only Speed Dial, Stash and Custom Searches are available at the moment.

  • And Opera Link does not work for Android Opera Mini and Android Opera.

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  • I sync across 3 devices (home PC, work PC, windows Tablet) and it says synchronization is enabled, it does not sync...

    I had it from Opera 12.xx, I had sync enabled on opera:flags, and now, it shows on upper right corner after an update... but no changes sync...

  • I'm wondering if synchronization is supposed to be working yet for Ubuntu, or other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions. Synchronization is working fine for me between my Chromium browsers within Peppermint and Ubuntu; but so far I've had no luck with synchronization between Opera and these two particular distributions.

  • For me it's working fine between windows, Android, and Ubuntu.

  • Hello gustavwiz.

    Perhaps it's because I have an external hard drive attached to my main computer. (But then, that doesn't make any difference for my Chromium browsers.) Well, whatever the reason, I don't seem to be able get Opera within the two Linux OSes to sync.

    I guess it's another mystery in world of computing!!

    Thank you for that information.


  • opera sync is not working ?

  • opera sync is not working ?

    Was that a statement or a question? In both cases, please clarify.

  • opera sync is not working ?

    Was that a statement or a question? In both cases, please clarify.

    In my case I have Peppermint Linux OS (an excellent Ubuntu derivative) installed on my internal hard drive, and I have Ubuntu Unity 15.04 installed within my external hard drive that is attached to the computer which is running Peppermint. I have sync turned on within both installations. But the changes I make when using Opera within one installation are never reflected within my other installation. It is as if I haven't turned on synchronization at all! Therefore I conclude that synchronization between these two installations of Opera are not working for me in my case.

    Thank you for asking this question, gustavwiz, and I hope this information is helpful to you.


  • Synchronization not working with latest version of desktop Opera. Asking "Passphrase".

    Is any solution for this available, or not ?