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  • So on the same day I discovered this wonderfully useful function, I also discovered that for some reason, Opera does NOT like saving multiple files at once.
    I haven't quite grasped what exactly causes the crash, but it occurs usually if I alt+click too many files in a row without letting them complete.

    So typically, if I'm saving pictures in a gallery, I'll alt+click four or so, then wait, then another four, etc.
    If I just alt+click without stopping, I'll invariably crash to desktop.

    (not sure if this is the best place for a bug report, so let me know if there is a better one)
    Oh, I'm on Opera 30.0.1835.59, on Windows 8.1 (64bit)

  • Here Alt + Click seems to do absolutely nothing. Are you using any extension that use alt+click?

  • I have "Classic Images" installed, but it does not have anything to do with Alt+Click (I disabled it anyway, and it didn't prevent the crashes or stop me from using Alt+Click).

    Another hint that maybe this functionality is a bit broken is that half the time, I will end up with the Opera menu appearing as if I had clicked Alt on its own.

    Also just to be clear : Alt+click allows me to 'Save linked content to Downloads folder'. A wonderful bit of convenience which is oddly lacking from the context menu.

  • Alt+click allows me to 'Save linked content to Downloads folder'

    Ok, i've tested now in some links (instead of images) and it opened an download dialog so i can choose where to save the content. So i can't alt click on another link without closing the dialog first.

    Do you have "Ask where to save each file before downloading" enabled?

  • No, I have that option unchecked.
    But that's a moot point because that very option seems to only ever be used for cases where the linked content can't be opened in the browser, like a ZIP or EXE or something like that.
    But a JPEG actually gets opened in the browser, if you click on a link to one. Just like an HTML page, for instance.
    Alt+click on a link to a webpage and it gets saved (with the option unchecked).

    And no, I'm not gonna check the option. The whole point is I wanted a convenient way to save multiple files on a page and I found one! Right here in Opera, no need for an extension!

    BUT for some reason, that particular feature highlights the fact that Opera handles multiple downloads in an extremely poor fashion : it seems to open as many connections as possible, as you keep clicking. And then when you reach some random limit, it just crashes.

    An elegant solution would be to simply have a max limit on concurrent donwloads and simply queue whatever got clicked, but apparently, that was too complex to implement by default... yes, I'm being sarcastic.