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Opera Mail - Bugs in html editor

  • I use Opera Mail for more than 12 years.

    Things that I love about it are:

    • customizable interface,

    • it is fast even with 30K+ messages,

    • easy to use (fast learning curve),

    • fast search,

    • Messages can have following states: Unread (bold blue), Read (bold black), Marked as Read and Pinned

    • Custom Flag options for categorization

    • Dictionary for English words

    What I don't like about it are:

    • You removed option to enter the exact font size of the text (Increase/decrease font size isn't good enough),

    • No table editor,

    • It jams more time then I would like and even breaks sometimes (fortunately one mostly doesn't lose his work when this happens),

    • HTML editor is very buggy and it has serious issues with content copied from MS Office documents,

    • User can't take a look at a HTML code of the whole email and manually fix the HTML issues (please add this feature).

    • No support for PGP/GPG and S/MIME.

    The thing that annoys me the most about Opera Mail is its HTML editor.

    It's is just no where near MS Outlook or TinyMCE with stability and options.

    I understand that there needs to be a lot of work to make it as powerful as MS Outlook, but at least you can fix bugs and errors in features that are already there.

    Here are a few that I can remember:

    • Number/unordered lists copied from MS Office documents do not stay lists,

    • Nesting lists inside a list when it is copied from a web page doesn't look as it should

    • The size of spacing between two rows can vary significantly. Option two choose < br> or <p></p> would be much appreciated.

    • Inserting image on the right of the text isn't possible,

    • Practically, there are no options for working with images

    I urge other forum members to support this post by stating what Opera Mail features they like and don't like and hopefully we could make a pressure on Dev team to implement some of them. 🙂

  • Opera Mail has been discontinued. There will be no further releases or updates.

  • I hope you are wrong 🙂
    Even though I have read the
    I hope Opera will continue to support this great product.

  • hope Opera will continue to support this great product.

    They won't. As said, Opera Mail is no longer being developed.

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