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Where does Opera store tables created by scripts?

  • I'm new here, just installed Opera yesterday; it's v30 (in Windows 7). I'm hoping to use it for my work on Amazon's Mechanical Turk, where I do HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) for pay.

    I have several scripts installed, through an extension called TamperMonkey beta, to help me with my work. One of these scripts, HIT Database, keeps a record of every HIT I've done in a database that I believe is called a table. In Firefox, which is what I'm currently using, this table is a SQLITE file stored inside my profile. I save a copy of this file (actually I save the entire profile) every day as a backup because I can't afford to lose this information. I'd need to do the same with the data in Opera but I haven't been able to locate it. A search in the Opera folders in AppData Roaming, AppData Local, and Program Files (x86) hasn't revealed any SQLITE files at all so I'm thinking that maybe another format is being used? But there is no file that I can see with a size that is close to the Firefox SQLITE file, which is just over 10 megs, so if anyone can point me to the location of a file/table/database like this I would really appreciate it. I did try a search here and on the main Opera site; so far I haven't found anything but maybe I'm not looking in the right place so if this has already been addressed somewhere a link would be fine.

    (Just to be clear - I didn't write this script or any of the others, I actually don't know Javascript at all so I don't know how it works.)

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Honestly, Opera has several database files it uses itself - for your bookmarks, for example. But as the files have no extension, the format isn't exactly obvious until you look at the data.

    However, having said that ... Opera tries to obscure names of cache and local storage files; I have no way of knowing which you would need.