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Can't sign in to Opera account on Android app: "Temporary server error. Please try again later."

  • Oh yeah email apparently sent from opera makes me a little paranoid that hackers may have all my fave websites not that there's anything to be paro about. I did think something may have been bad when like some guy said the password was showing and in my case I had tick boxed that password shouldn't have been shown in plain text but it was

  • I was unable to create a new/sync my opera link account.
    It keeps telling me unable to connect please review your network settings.
    But I have an active NETWORK
    But why would dis be happening to me for some months..

  • I was unable to create a new/sync my opera link account

    Opera Link? It has been closed since a while.

    Or you are talking about Sync?

  • Not trying to be the Bigshot, but I've been using Internet since 1997.hmmmm check my previous post about opera sync server(s)being hacked. Has anyone following this thought that even like these issues have been going on for absolutely ages that the VERY SEVERE hacking of the Opera sync servers SEVERE IN THE IMPLICATIONS could have something to do with the problems of people being unable to "sync" AND opera customer /technical support being unable to do absolutely f*** all about this for months. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.when opera say everything was encrypted though someone or something tried to access an email address that was the same email addresses using the same password as the credentials for the opera sync fortunately my email provider (which through healthy paranoia I only use for opera) there was an attempted access from Iceland -nothing could have caused this type of breach especially Iceland WTF.I AM really upset coz unlike lots of people I realise opera is non profit and for me (up until this FU) has provided such an amazing product TO SAY THE LEAST
    Paranoid thinking I think not when an email account used ONLY for opera is attacked from a distant country probably via a proxy ,honest transparency would be noce

  • Same error here with stable Opera v37.0.2191.105088. I kept trying for several days, and I'm totally frustrated now.

    However, Opera beta v37.2191.109350 works.

  • The same temporary server error when login my account to sync my Opera with other device. My Opera ver, v37.0.2191.105088. Opera, can still give some hint or advice?

  • Same problem here.

    Phone: Lenovo Zuk Z2

    UA: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/50.0.2661.94 Safari/537.36 OPR/37.0.2192.105088

  • same error here with opera mini ver 20.1.2254.110627

  • Has this problem been solved yet? I use Opera in China, please solve it.

  • Facing the same problem now.

  • Yes, I also have this issue on the latest version of Opera Mini on Android on A Samsung J3 - which has worked perfectly with Opera Mini until the last week or so. I am in Australia. I can only sign into my Opera account to sync my bookmarks etc, if I am on mobile (cell phone) internet not my internet connection at home.

    I have done a clear data and cache and to no avail.

    And also, Opera Mini works well at home via Wifi on my home network but its impossibly slow when used via cell phone data connection.

    This has not been the case for me for most of this year but its now unusable. Very sad. 😞

  • Same problem with Opera and Opera Mini, both in stable and beta versions of the latest in Google Play.

  • the sign in problem was not solve yet, new Opera mini is a good browser, but still has big problem makes it to be a rubbish.

  • I have some delay to access HTTPS site if I'm logged in with Chrome Browser, on the other hand I can access HTTPS site prior signing process with Opera 37 for Android.

  • Same problem. XioaMi 5, Logging in from China. Every time, on Opera Mini and Regular Browser, can't log in on android.

  • Same problem of the latest version.
    Can not log in for months.
    Please fix it.

  • Something blocking cookies, perhaps? Some Android "privacy" programs can do that.I have the same problem Opera version 37.0.2192.105088

  • Same problem of the latest version. Can not log in for months. Please fix it.

  • Have you tested renaming "" (or something like this) folder, Opera and try to login?
    Root explorer may needed. (ES File Explorer) ?

  • Same problem for long time (maybe 1 year already), for every time I downloaded the app update, I always check whether it can synchronize the browser data or not, but each time, it disappointed me.

    And if cannot synchronize, I will only use it for very very few occasions, almost won't use it.

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