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Can't sign in to Opera account on Android app: "Temporary server error. Please try again later."

  • Opera with the red "O" is our stable release of Opera. Before we release a stable we put out a Beta for a couple of weeks, and when the beta is stable enough we mark it as stable and release it. Thats why our current beta and stable have the same version number. But usually, as you say, the beta will have a higher number.

    Strange that you can't sign in on Beta while Stable is working fine for you. Will see if I can reproduce it here and get back to you.

  • i have same problem.i also can sign in my opera account in my android opera version is opera 30(the red one),and i think my be this version have bug ,that's why i can't sign in my account .and then,i also download opera 30 beta (the white one) and opera 27.ALL failed ,i can't sign in my account.

  • operamilleson,

    Were you able to reproduce this bug that jasonvot and I are experiencing?

  • operamilleson,
    Were you able to reproduce this bug that jasonvot and I are experiencing?

    Right, tested on multiple devices running the Opera Beta and was unsuccessful at reproducing this. What version of android are you running and what kind of device are you using?

    Can you try install the new Opera Mini? They also have sync enabled, and if that is working I'll at least have a lead at where to look.


  • Hi, Jimmy.

    I'm using a rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, which runs Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

    I've just installed Opera Mini Beta and Opera Mini. On both, I was able to log into my Opera Link and get sync working.

  • Hi raspythroat,

    We recently found something that may cause sync to fail that weren't included in Opera for Android but Opera Mini. We will shortly release a beta with this fix included, I'll notify you when it's out and we'll see if it fixes your problems.

  • @raspythroat, we released a new version of the beta. Could you try it again and see you are able to sign in now.

  • @operamilleson I have the same issue. i can NOT sign in Opera stable version, but CAN sign in Opera Beta. The result in Opera stable is"Temporary server error. Please try again later." Apps are downloaded/updated from Google Play, and its strait that they have the same version number 33.0.2002.97240.

    dont know what happens to me 😞

    my mobile is lenovo vibe Z, runs on Andoid 4.4.2.

    Im in china, the results are same whatever i use / notuse VPN to across GFW(china's great fire wall),so I think its not a network problem.

    The Opera link works well in my Pc, i use opera 12.17, on winodws 10.

  • The same problem, very annoying.

  • I tried on Beta, and still failed.

  • Version?

  • The latest 34.0.2044.98679

  • Something blocking cookies, perhaps? Some Android "privacy" programs can do that.

  • Something blocking cookies, perhaps? Some Android "privacy" programs can do that.

    It has nothing to do with cookies but a bug of the app. All browsers on my phone can store cookies.

  • Why not fix it, Opera?

  • If they can't reproduce the problem, then how can they fix it?

  • Found a solution:

    Change the phone's APN settings to WAP.
    Failed to log in when set to NET.

    Hope Opera can fix this bug soon.

  • the error still exists in my version of opera which is 36.1.2126.102083
    it might be caused by firewall while it doesn't work even boosting VPN

    i feel so depressed for opera may be the only browser that can sync bookmarks and history between my PC and my android phone easily
    hope opera can fix it quickly

  • Today I downloaded latest stable version and can't log in my account! I work in China and I thought it might have something to do with China firewall, so I used VPN and still same error! How to do next, Opera?

  • I have the same problem on my new MImax and Opera version 37.0.2192.105088:
    "Temporary server error. Please try again later.".

    Please fix it. Thanks!