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How to save my speed-dials other than sync?

  • I used to be able to just copy the .db files of thumbnails, favourites etc but now none of them work in newer versions of Opera and I see some files are missing. I want a way to save my speed-dials on the HD external to Sync because for me Sync doesn't work and even if it did I'd expect future problems just as I've seen with Mozilla etc. Opera should have an option to save its speed-dials to a file. Why do we have so much space on the speed dial wasted by a poxy Google search which we can do in the address bar? Make some more room for better or more dials like in Vivaldi.

  • you can disable the google search bar on the speed dial, go to opera settings and then enable 'power user settings' by entering in the 'konami code' on the settings page: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (input this on your keyboard when you are at the settings page. I recommend clicking on some empty space on the settings page before doing so to make sure your cursor isn't in the search box, otherwise you can end up accidentally typing into the settings search box while entering the code which causes it not to work).

    Now you should have a setting available called "Hide the search box in Speed Dial" (and there's also a setting at the bottom now called 'Always show power user settings' that you can check so you never have to enter the code again).

    Regarding backing up speed dials, I'm not 100% sure where they are stored now, but I know the reason that they are no longer stored in their own file is because the speed dial now uses the same storage backend as the bookmarks manager, so theoretically they should be stored in favorites.db now (but I'm not 100% sure on this as I've never tried manually backing up sd).

    Worst case you could always just backup the entire opera profile folder.

  • I used to be able to just copy the .db files of thumbnails, favourites etc but now none of them work in newer versions of Opera and I see some files are missing. I want a way to save my speed-dials on the HD external

    Speed Dial are now part of Bookmarks.

  • On Windows you'll find the bookmarks file (even named this way) in your Windows AppData folder (Appdata\roaming). Its an ASCII file so if you target that (or the entire Opera folder) you should be pretty safe.

  • I have tried multiple times to save and move the bookmarks to another Opera version (beta or developer). The speed dial never showed up, only normal bookmarks. Speed dial information must be somewhere else. It's also not favorites.

  • I had the same concern. Tried everything like you and finally found the way it works.
    The sync works, it syncs bookmarks on all computers but speed dial is a bit different.
    Open your Bookmarks, navigate to "Other Speed Dials", your speed dials on other computer should be there if you enabled sync before. Then just copy right speed dials to "Speed Dial" in your Bookmarks

  • Found another interesting. Copy bookmarks file still works, just need to disable sync. :lol:

  • I am trying to copy my speed dial files from the latest Opera 36 to the Opera beta 37. I also want to back them up to a NAS system. I am comparing the directories in the ...Opera Software\Opera Stable for ver 36 to ...Opera Software\Opera Next for beta version 37 so I can see the exact files and date stamps, and differences. I still can not figure out how to save, or what to save, for the Speed Dial listing. I have copied the Bookmarks (Favorites are no longer used) from the Stable to the Next and only the favorites (or what ever you want to call them) show up, but NOT any Speed Dials. Without digging through all the files (of which most are binary).

    Has anyone figured this out?

    Their help file:
    http://help.opera.com/opera/Windows/2066/en/sync.html is no help on the subject of backing up of copying specific files. They (developers) seem to think everyone wants to sync everything. Even their import/export page does not support moving data from one copy of Opera to another.

    Sync being off was mentioned as maybe a factor, I have not activated sync on any of my copies of Opera (Windows or Android).

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