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movie files won't play in Opera

  • I run Windows 8.1 and have installed Opera, I have found that when I am on the IMDB web page and want to view a movie trailer a window opens with the play arrow and when it is clicked nothing happens. No trouble with Firefox or Chrome just Opera. can anybody advise please

  • What's your version of Opera?

    Any such trouble on other sites?

  • It works if you disable Turbo?

  • View the page in a private window. Does that fix it?

  • My version is 29.0 and I have disabled turbo

  • thank you all it's all well now thanks

  • I'm having the same problem. IMDB trailers definitely used to play but now they aren't. I checked and I'm not blocking any elements on the page. I know IMDB has a lot of ads on it's site so I thought it might be to do with that.

    I'm using 64bit Windows 7 and Opera 12.17 which is the latest version.

    I tried the private window and the trailers still don't play. They play on other browsers though. 😕

  • Lindy, they might've changed the player or the code, like that.
    The site.

    And Opera 12 is the latest - last actually - of the Presto series.
    You might consider trying this new one - it mustn't replace your 12 one, as they say and as the two are different browsers.
    To get your Opera bookmarks to the new one, you should make your current Opera the system default browser before the installation - that'll make the newly installed browser acquire your bookmarks. It won't inherit any other settings nor layout as far as I know.
    As they say, the two browser will coexist on your system then without any much interaction.

    I don't know much about IMDB - for me YouTube is enough, also trailers might appear on the film companies' Facebook pages, sometimes. 🙂

  • Turn off the option to click to play plugin content under the Websites section in Settings. It breaks quite a few video players, including IMDB's.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    joshl I have Opera 31.0.1889.174 also installed and have done for over a year now but I prefer 12.17. It plays the IMDB trailers just fine.

    nimulan I can't find Settings > Websites but I did un check Preferences > Content "enable plug-ins" if that's what you meant? It didn't make any difference though, the IMDB trailers still don't play. If there's something else you meant or I should try please let me know.

  • can't find Settings > Websites but I did un check Preferences > Content "enable plug-ins

    It's because this is an Opera Blink option so you will not find it in Opera Presto.