@nvmjustagirl said in Opera stuttering and occasionally freezes while playing YouTube videos: @epop11rt3 i think ya said ya wanted to turn on a couple more in your screenshot of (Graphics Feature Status) so here is a couple.. if ya need more post which ones.. type this in opera 's address bar opera://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist and Enable - Override software rendering list Enable 'n this flag will change - Hardware Protected Video Decode: Unavailable to = Hardware accelerated.. also that same flag will change - Rasterization: Unavailable to = Hardware accelerated.. also get chrome updated And your gaphic drivers.. I am pleased to report that I am currently able to run Opera smoothly after updating the browser, and tweaking a few settings. I also have this extension called Speed Up Browsing, which seems to have made an improvement in performance. As of this current post, I currently have several tabs open in Opera (while running this other extension called Tab Suspender, which automatically suspends inactive background tabs after a set period of time) with no performance hits, even while playing YouTube videos in HD