@sgunhouse I was able to open the file with a file manager so it is present and intact. When I search the web for information on access to the the sd card under android v. 11, I see Many problems reported that appear to be related to changes in security protocols in that version. It would appear that I am out of luck unless/until Opera or some other browser figures out how to deal with this issue. Since I doubt that many phone users are interested or have need to install and run a web site from the sd card of their phone, a solution will be not likely be considered worth pursuing. Indeed, with increased coverage using mobile data to connect to the internet and fewer worksites in truly remote areas in my future, this need is not as critical for me as it was a few years ago. However, it is still frustrating to have something that was working perfectly discombobulated by arbitrary forced changes in operating systems. Thus, I will remain on the lookout for any solutions that may be forthcoming.