@ncdave4life I have been working all my life on Chrome and now also Opera, but this type of solution never works properly. Again Repeat: Never!
I had a problem with the session, not once or twice. Certainly many times.
The browser, even if it is rock stable - it can always crash (some bugs always exist), there are no perfect browsers.
If the session cannot be restored. Run Again Opera/Chrome Freeze my browser again and the session is overwritten because you couldn't click the "Restore!" Button. Auto Click "Restore /Recovery Button Not Support !
How can you click "Restore" when you only see a white window containing the browser?
Also remember !: The session will never recover, never if "Internal Error". You only have One Or two chances. If it fails the first time. The last resort is to quickly open the folder and copy all files so that the browser doesn't overwrite the "Last Possible" session.
You can open this file in a Text Editor and extract all URLs with a special expression.