@leocg said in Opera gx crashing when downloadings:

@lukz95 See https://forums.opera.com/topic/39910/instructions-on-posting-about-problems-in-opera-gx/1

Also use Shift + Esc in Opera to see what is using the CPU and RAM. By the way, RAM usage seems normal.

I tested again following the steps, when reinstalling "opera-gx" I noticed that on my computer I had two versions, the last one updated and version 71......, after reinstalling, I started to install the extensions, when installing "ad-block" most famous of the extensions I felt a slowness when entering some sites, with that I removed the same, and the downloads also stopped my computer crashing

print: 228702dd-9efa-41b3-abd4-4914cf271682-image.png

solved, thank you very much