@aharb said in How do I turn off search suggestions and autofill entirely?:

For example, I typed "h" and it autofilled "https://www.hrblock.com" as a suggestion when I have never even opened that site before.

Do you have the H&R block speed dial on your start page that Opera comes with by default in many areas? If so, move it to the trash and empty the bookmarks trash at the URL opera://bookmarks. Try the same thing for other speed dials on your start page that Opera comes with. Type the first 3 letters of the domain for those speed dials to test if they come up in suggestions. If so, you can remove those speed dials too if you want.

For anything that's in the "Suggestions" category in the address field drop-down that doesn't have an X to the right of it when you're hovering over it (that will be coming from your history despite there being a separate history category), Opera currently has no way to disable those.