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Opera is getting really unstable since the last 2 versions...

  • Dear all,

    It is with great disapointment that I am joining and writing for the first time on this forum. I've been using opera for 10 years and the latest versions are so far the most annoying and unstable I've ever seen, to be fair I am quite amazed how such thing could have been released into production.

    Before detailing my issues, here is my config:
    Version: 29.0.1795.60 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)

    Ok so since the last 2 versions, here are the main issues I had:

    1- When you close the browser, it does not end the process behind it. I will hear the fan of my computer going crazy and then I will find in the Task Manager of Windows that not only Opera is still running, but that it is the software that is using the most CPU and RAM in my system. I have to End the Process manually. It does not happen all the time, but saying 2 out of 3 times is a fair guess.

    2- When you are browsing the web, at some point and with no apparent reason, pages will not load anymore (until you kill the process of the Opera in the Task Manager as well, otherwise your cooling fan goes crazy). The pages will remain blank, while the title will appear in the tab and the dynamic circle will continue to move... indefinitely. I have to copy/paste the link into Chrome so he can open my webpage without any issue in less than a second... sorry but this is the truth.

    I would like to add there is no apparent similarities between the pages that will make to start Opera going crazy. It happens on news website, IT website, forums, video websites, twitter, fb ...

    At this point, I am not using Opera anymore on most of my web pages because of these issues. Still this is my default browser... for now.

    Thank you for your help. If anything else is needed to help debugging it, let me know, I would like to get back my old pal Opera.

  • Sounds like you have problems with your install. Have you tried renaming your profile folder and seeing if that helps? What about removing Opera and reinstalling it?

  • Hello lando242,

    Thank you for taking time to help me.

    I tried an uninstall / reinstall. It did not solve the issues.

  • When I close O29, all the MANY Opera processes close also in the Task Manager; however my CPU and fan DO increase in usage (CPU temps go up by 10 C, and fan is noticeably louder) when O29 is running.

    I have been told not to worry about it, but for me that is a lame rationalization for an application that uses much more CPU and produces more heat when running, even when it is not processing (sitting still)

  • @dambzt
    When you uninstalled it did you make sure it was also deleting the profile folder? Did you try renaming the profile fonder like I suggested above? Doing so causes Opera to make a new folder and replaces any files that might have been damaged. Afterwards you can delete the new folder and rename our old one back to restore all you settings and such, if that wasn;t the source of the problem.

    As you have been told many times before Opera 15+ uses more resources than Opera 12. Its a completely different program and has higher resource requirements. Opera 12 could run on a Pentium II with only 128 megs of RAM. Thats Windows 95 era. Imagine Windows 95, which was a resource hog back in the day, on modern hardware. It would fly. But Windows 8 would not run great on a Pentium II.

  • Thank you Lando242. I will try it this way and let you know. By profile folder, which one do you mean ? The one in AppData/Local/Opera ?

    Thank you.

  • Open the Opera Menu and go to About Opera. Down near the bottom it will tell you the location of the profile folder on your system.

  • Ok so after uninstalled Opera, I renamed or deleted all the essential folders of Opera. Then I reinstalled it and it works as good as before. Thank you Lando242 !

    But I maintain my first opinion. No user should have to do that because most of the user would not be able to. It means the update process must have not been tested adequately.

    Thanks anyway for your help 🙂