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Why Opera? Why Can't You Get It Right!?!?

  • First off, I would like to say I love the look and feel of Opera. It is one of the cleanest most well laid out browsers out there. Unfortunately it looks like IE is starting to really kick is arse in the speed area as I notice IE renders and loads much faster than Opera but that is a minor thing. Overall, Opera's performance is nice and smooth and it's enjoyable to use.

    Lately I have been thinking about abandoning Opera and going back to IE. Why? Compatibility. Every day I hit basic stuff that doesn't work in Opera that works in IE or Chrome. Here is a small example list to prove they are real issues and I am not on here just to troll:

    1. Bank of America - Can't login because login button won't work. Works in IE and others.
    2. American Express - Can't login because login button won't work. Works in IE and others.
    3. FreeNAS - management console doesn't automatically re-direct to HTTPS. Others work.
    4. NetGear - Netgear NAS console doesn't redirect to HTTPS automatically - others work.
    5. Guest WIFI - Companies running Nomadix and other guest WIFI web login pages don't work with Opera. Other browsers work.
    6. Others - There are countless other sites where either a button won't work or the page doesn't render right or an element of the page doesn't work and I have to abandon Opera and use another browser.

    The problem here is that if you need to abandon Opera even 10% of the time, it's not worth the inconvenience of having to switch every time you hit something that doesn't work in Opera. I really truly hope Opera can fix these issues so I can continue to use it as my primary browser.

    I wanted to sign up and point out these issues in hopes of providing useful feedback. I don't understand why Opera continues to struggle with incompatibilities when it's using the Chrome engine. I don't pretend to understand but maybe there is a valid reason.


  • Oh and also with Flash now you have to hit the PLAY button every time you hit a flash element. Why?

  • I think I know the root of your problem: you have Opera Turbo enabled. You can find it in the Opera Menu near the bottom. Turn it off. That should fix everything. If ti doesn't come on back and we can troubleshoot further.

  • I just removed opera beta - version 30.
    It's so messed up. Most of pages with popups doesn't work anymore. Some buttons on pages doesn't work either. Images doesn't load on long pages. Full screen video sometimes hangs and crashes browser, and sometime displays... hidden under page... so many problems. Opera Beta 30 is useless.

  • Well, in fairness it is a beta and I would expect problems with a Beta. I don't think I can fault Opera for problems in a Beta product when you can download the production version.

    Second, I turned off Turbo and still hit the same problems. It did fix one button on the Bank of America site but everything else is still broken. I turned off TURBO and tested per your advise.

    Look, I don't know how hard it is to make a browser. Maybe it's one of the most complex pieces of software to develop - I have no idea. I just want to know why Opera struggles so much with incompatibilities when others don't. Do they have massive development teams when Opera does not? Does Opera stick to some standard that other sites like BOA don't follow?

    Either way it is so frustrating because Opera is such a great browser in the look and feel department and that is so hard to get right. I wish they could knock out the incompatibilities because it would be the browser to beat. With so many problems, people are just going to try it and walk away and never come back.

  • @scottmccarthy945
    See, the thing is, no one else here is having these problems. So chill out and we will work at it to see whats causing it.
    Try visiting the pages in a private window and see if that corrects the issue. If it does it means that one of your extensions is causing the problem. If not we will go from there.

    Its called a beta for a reason. If you want stability then use, surprise, surprise, Opera 29 Stable.

  • I'm not an expert in this, but as far as I know most of the problems people are having with Opera browser is because of extensions or problem with their OS, or because of older versions of Windows).

    I run Win7 64-bit and have NEVER used extensions. Maybe this is the reason I almost never have had any major problem with Opera browser.

    The last time I was having some problems with Opera browser was when I had Windows Vista and the old presto version of Opera on my PC. Most of that problem was related to Windows Vista.

  • Oh and also with Flash now you have to hit the PLAY button every time you hit a flash element. Why?

    Because I like that this way 😉

    In Settings, Websites, Plug-Ins tick first option (Run all plug-in content) - no more unnecessary clicks.